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Aging Signs of Artificial Lawn

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The decisive factor of the life of artificial lawn. The length of service of the course is determined by many factors. Many courses can be used for ten to fifteen years. The performance of the course can be compared with that of the car tyre: the more frequently your car is used, the shorter the time interval for tire replacement. Similarly, the service life of artificial turf course depends on the intensity of its use. The less the course is used, the less the wear and tear will be, and the longer the service life will be. In order to determine the life of artificial lawn, you must first understand the strength of the course. Consider not only the time of use, but also the number of players per square meter in the time of use. When will the stadium age? There are many signs that the stadium will age.

Hardening of Filled Rubber

With the passage of time, the filling layer sinks, the particles sink and compress into a thick layer. This wear process can be minimized by proper maintenance. Rubber itself will harden over time, which will seriously reduce the performance of the court. If the fibers are still in good condition at this time, then repairing will be an option; if the fibers have worn out, the court will need to be reconstructed.

Fiber wear

During the course of use, artificial lawn fibers and rubber fillers are the most worn parts. If the fibers of the lawn become loose or fragmented, it indicates that the lawn is worn out, which will reduce the density of the accumulation and the length and thickness of the fibers.

Deformation of Foundation

The foundation will eventually deform, so that it will not be as comfortable to run on. Foundation deformation is often caused by inferior raw materials or supermarket devices; improper use can also lead to foundation deformation, for example, allowing overweight machines to enter the stadium. Good foundations have a longer life expectancy than lawns and can last about 30 years.

Lines become loose.

Due to the non-professional nature of the device, white lines and seams are likely to become loose or disconnected. If bonded properly, the life of the joints should be as long as that of the lawn.

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