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Artificial turf classification
writer: admin    Date: 2015-05-17 19:29
A) is not sufficient sand artificial turf
In the United States, most of the artificial grass fiber material used in artificial turf is high-grade nylon material, but also the use of multiple fibers without filling sand artificial turf can be divided into two kinds of water seepage and impermeable. This resembles natural grass lawn in shape, partly with a layer of shock-absorbing foam cushion layer, shock-absorbing layer of a variety of different density and thickness. Since the domestic real grasp laying artificial turf technology manufacturers is small, and mostly foreign technology, therefore, in laying artificial turf without filling sand, especially when laying shock-absorbing foam cushion layer it must be done by the foreign experts. Shock-absorbing foam bottom layer of smooth asphalt to serve as a basis, but also below the asphalt covered with gravel, sand and gravel as a base, and the structure in which the drainage system is the most critical part. In addition, this type of artificial turf in the installation process must use artificial turf special machinery, particularly important, especially in some professional sports venues or costly laying installation, otherwise it will not meet the requirements of ground leveling and evenness such as the 2008 Olympic hockey hockey field and part of the training grounds of Beijing Lu City Sports Technical Institute to meet the special needs of the movable artificial grass, pieces of artificial grass and other venues must be in strict accordance with the above requirements for construction.
(B) the filler particles of artificial turf
Filler particles lawn because it has good international advanced level of sports performance and good usability in China to be accepted by the majority of users. Most of the material polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP) polymer of two or more materials, backfill quartz sand and rubber granules 2-3 mm this ratio is not sufficient fiber lawn lawn long sand surface. Its motion characteristics with natural turf is very close, and all year round, all-weather use. After the laying of the need to conserve the lawn is usually 6-8 months to achieve the best. This type of lawn is particularly suitable for laying outdoors, the warranty period is typically 5--8 years, but it's real life completely over five years. In the long dry weather, sprinkle a little water as long as the lawn, you can reduce the risk of athlete being scratched.
(Iii) natural - artificial turf Mixed

The natural grass and artificial turf together is not a dream, now have such a hybrid lawn, this is a natural grass lawn with plastic grass root structure to be reinforced, for example, let the grass made in plastic mesh Growth on the bottom portion. In this way, the natural turf of user-friendly features and superior durability of artificial turf a good combination. Artificial turf in China filler particles accounted for 95%, but many schools in the choice of product when often easy to overlook the most important aspects of construction, construction technology of artificial grass for artificial turf late in the maintenance and increase service life is very important.

      First of all to make technical preparations, make "leveling" and be familiar with the drawings, foundation construction quality inspection and acceptance, the laying site should be cleaned, the surface should be dry, smooth, no debris, no wax stains, grease, lowest construction temperature should be maintained In more than 10 ℃. Use theodolite or other instruments to measure the size of the surrounding facilities for compliance with the playground, if not appropriate office should immediately amend, tolerance 5 mm.

      Second, before laying the artificial turf and artificial grass production units to be together on the turf quality inspections of turf material quality, density, and weaving is qualified to meet the requirements. A standard junction site can not be more than 30, at the same time, quality check whether the filler to meet environmental requirements. In the process of laying, use a special tool to specifications for lawn trimming, on the seam, cut flush with the lap lawn. The use of artificial turf sports venues glue connection joints should be no greater than 2 mm. When the bonding temperature is not too low, the ambient temperature should be above 10 ℃ selected construction is appropriate; in addition not in rainy weather rain or under construction, otherwise it will lead to prolonged even lead to sticky adhesive.

      Quartz sand, filled rubber particles is the construction process is the most important part, only to be artificial turf surface material is installed, after examination solid formation to meet the requirements, before filling quartz sand and rubber granules. Filling the specifications and quantity are determined according to the height and density of the grass. Note that you must use a dedicated machine and brush grass sand injection equipment to fill the particles, it can ensure flatness and uniformity of the venue, while beneficial to improve athletic performance venues. And quartz sand and rubber granules must be completely dry before construction materials, otherwise affect the stems will be filled with overwhelming quality. Quartz sand should take a multi-layer padding, filling each layer are required to use the brush to brush mower back and forth to spread the filler is substantial fall. Usually a site to lay back and forth more than twenty times better play.