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Artificial turf pavement technology
writer: admin    Date: 2015-05-17 19:28
1, basic requirements
       Construction of artificial turf base can be divided into three basic materials, cement concrete base, asphalt base and lime base. Before the construction of artificial turf must be the basis for quality inspection, acceptance person designated by the company, and form the basis of inspection reports, passing the construction, substandard construction is strictly prohibited.
1.1 construction equipment
1.1.1 preparation of the construction program, the audit report to the company.
1.1.2 The amount of the preparation of materials engineering plans to ensure construction quality and construction period.
1.2 Construction Process

1.3 Foundation treatment
1.3.1 clean up the site, laying turf on the need to clean up the site, removing oil spill debris, dirt and other junk.
1.3.2 around the field should be kept clean, non-garbage admission.
1.3.3 build longer the old site, expansion joints must be cleaned, filled with new material.
1.4 adhesive tape laying
1.4.1 adhesive tape laying single forward arrangement, must complete stitching between each adhesive tape.
1.4.2 The bottom adhesive tape must be laid flat, there can be wrinkled phenomenon.
1.4.3 adhesive tape ends must be fixed.
1.5 lawn laying

1.5.1 delivered to the construction site lawn, calculated according to the following drawing material.