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Artificial turf carpet
writer: admin    Date: 2015-05-17 19:28
Artificial turf carpet is not life or plastic fiber as raw material, made by the method of artificial lawn alternatives. Compared with natural grass, artificial turf carpet-weather outdoor use by rain, snow weather little effect; easy maintenance, low maintenance costs, is irreplaceable natural turf.
Artificial turf carpet carpet surface can be divided into two types: mosaic and braided. Multi-woven nylon weave lawn, finished a blanket. Compared with fascicles turf mosaic, woven artificial turf complex production process, the price is relatively expensive, large lawn surface hardness, good cushioning properties, but even the lawn is good, strong and durable. Mosaic compared with woven grass lawn, leafy longer fiber length and vary widely, ranging from 12mm to 55mm can be, and can be adjusted according to specific needs. The grass filling quartz sand, rubber pellets or a mixture of both, etc. Appearance performance is closer to natural grass, indoor and outdoor installations.
Currently, artificial turf carpet is favored by schools, sports stadiums and other public places. Also, because the artificial turf carpet not only non-slip, dust, easy to clean, and seemed to really grass, green feeling, and now also as an ideal household goods, by ordinary consumers, has a very broad market prospects.