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Knowledge of artificial turf
writer: admin    Date: 2015-05-17 19:27
First, the site foundation construction requirements
      Artificial turf base can be divided into three basic materials, cement concrete base, asphalt base and lime base.
Option One, cement concrete foundation
      Flatness: Flatness pass rate above 95%, 5 m straightedge error 3mm.
      Slope: center field 3 ‰ -4 ‰, Turtle drainage design. Curve 8 ‰, straight 5 ‰, semicircular area 5 ‰, the surface should be flat, smooth, ensure drainage. Strength and stability: even a solid surface, no cracks, no bad side seams straight and smooth, with about 6000mm * 6000mm cuts as well. Cushion compaction, density of greater than 95%, after a mid-sized mill press, no significant wheel tracks, loose topsoil, waves and other phenomena.
      Aquifuge: new PVC thick impermeable film, lap should be days to 200mm, edge margin greater than 150mm.
      Maintenance period: basic maintenance period of 21 days.
      Location: the exact construction and draw lines, need for strong distinctive markers in each line mark the site.
Option II, asphalt base
      Flatness: foundation should have a certain strength and stability, foundation cracks and not the product due to uneven heaving caused by freezing, flatness pass rate above 95%, three meters straightedge error 3mm.
      Slope: horizontal <1%, longitudinal <1 ‰, high jump area <4 ‰, the surface should be flat and smooth to ensure drainage.
      Strength and stability: the best use of asphalt base without wax, wax-containing little or bituminous material, which must be fully compacted asphalt mixture. Surface uniformly solid, smooth and no cracks, no bad side of packing, no pockmarked face, seams are smooth. Asphalt concrete surface layer of gravel diameter of 2-5mm, the oil content of 5.8-6.4%, the bonding layer of gravel particle size of 6-9mm, oil content of 4.6-5.8%, no weak skin, no topsoil loose wave and so on phenomenon.
      Drainage: drainage system in two hours after the rain water must be drained.
      Maintenance period: the basis of the maintenance period of 28 days.